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Nestivity is the first and only community platform for Twitter. Nestivity turns your Twitter handle into a “Nest” for all of your followers to visit.

Nestivity allows you to organize Tweets into actual conversations to better engage your following, amplify your reach, and archive your history.

Nestivity opens the conversation with your following by first allowing them to share experiences, ideas and questions with you or your brand. Then, it allows you to organize the Tweets into easy to follow discussion threads. This makes it easy to have real discussions with your community on Twitter.

Our product is very versatile and we're aiming at wide variety of industries. Our core target is consumer brands with large Twitter followings, however, we believe the use cases for the product are virtually unlimited. We've seen initial success with entertainment, CPG, and fashion brands. However, many of our users are bloggers and influencers that simply want to curate more in-depth conversations using Tweets.

All paid Nestivity accounts also come with Tweetcasts. A new way of presenting images, video, documents, polls, and presentations alongside real-time chat on Twitter. Use Tweetcasts to host virtual meetings and collaborate with your audience in conversations that are organized and easy to follow.

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