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Pulsar TRAC (Topics, Reach, Audience, Content) is an advanced social intelligence platform pushing the social media monitoring industry beyond basic keyword tracking.

Whereas all platforms on the market only look at the content of the conversations, we found a massive opportunity in indexing and analysing everything around it.

Engineered for complexity, scale and speed, Pulsar’s Big Data engine is built on Apache Cassandra and Solr. This enables Pulsar TRAC to store and index multiple data points besides keyword mentions, including social graphs, interest graphs, demographics and behavioural data. This makes Pulsar TRAC the only social intelligence platform that allows to you to:

1) mine big social data not only by keywords but also by audiences (mapping) and content (diffusion).

2) measure the reach of every post through our proprietary Visibility algorithm and quantify the impact of any social conversation

3) build solid context to any social media observation with 15 granular behavioural and demographic filters based on the social and interest graphs of the audience involved

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