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Bottlenose is the discovery engine for the social web.

The discovery engine, the first of its kind, scans the entire global consciousness in real-time to pinpoint trending news, pictures and links that are gaining buzz. Bottlenose’s discovery engine helps users discover and explore the freshest, most important information around topics, current events or brands. Bottlenose effectively does for social networks what Google did for the Web.

Bottlenose’s core technology is designed to measure the crowd to detect trends across major social networks. The result is a highly accurate view of what is happening and what’s trending right now about any topic in the world. Users can also leverage several apps within the Bottlenose experience to sort and consume trending content in new ways. These apps include Now, Paper, Pictures, Scanner and Sonar; each providing a unique set of features that help users to better understand, track and engage with trending content and influencers.

Bottlenose is used by individuals and organizations to keep up with news and interests, gain live insights, and engage in real-time.